Thursday, August 23, 2018

The Becky Robison Southern Writing Retreat

First, please excuse any grammatical weirdness in this post; I think I'm coming down with something, and my brain isn't quite up to par at the moment. Basic emails are a struggle.

But I still wanted to tell you about my upcoming road trip!

Aside from a brief jaunt to Denver in June, I haven't taken any time off this summer, mostly because all my coworkers have. Meg just got back from their honeymoon, my manager has been visiting prospective colleges with her son, my other teammate was in Alaska, and now she's somewhere else? At any rate, I've been holding down the fort while they do what they need to do.

Now it's my turn.

Not now, exactly. I'll be heading out in mid-October, faithful dog at my side. Yes, Okie's coming! I'm excited to see how that goes. The main purpose of the escape is to work on my writing more diligently than I'm normally able to do with a 9-5 gig, but also to visit some places I've never been. Here's the itinerary:

  • Nashville - I'm staying about 30 minutes outside the city in a real Tiny House! There will be lots of hiking in the area for Okie to get some exercise, and it should be fairly secluded--no one to distract me. Of course, I'm planning on popping into the city as well to play tourist. Eat some barbecue, etc. 
  • Louisville - I'll be a little closer to town here, in my own apartment. My past experience of Kentucky has been limited to cabins in state/national parks, so I'm looking forward to witnessing actual human life there. 
  • Columbus - I'm ending my trip here for a friend's wedding--and staying in another Tiny House! After the wedding it's back to Chicago, with one more day off to recover. 
Because I've never been to any of these cities, I'd love to hear your recommendations! Anything I absolutely can't miss? 

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