Friday, June 1, 2018

Red Wine, Success!

My title has very little to do with the actual content of this post; it's just a Cold War Kids song from several years ago that I suddenly remembered liking. It may have utterly depressing lyrics for all I know. Though I'm a writer, I am terrible at listening to lyrics. I listen to The Smiths when I'm in a good mood because their melodies are so goddamn chipper.

Anyway, it's the "success" part I wanted to bring to your attention. Last week I tweeted about how I'd been having trouble writing lately, and I asked for good vibes to help me push through the block.

And boy oh boy did y'all come through.

Not only did I edit multiple stories last week, but I also started a completely new one. The idea just popped into my head. Who needs a muse when you have supportive friends? Thank you, thank you, thank you.

In other writing-related news, I've had three flash stories published this month!
Pleased as punch that all of these weird little stories found such good homes. (Can you tell I submitted a bunch of stories to magazines at once?) Just this week I've also had two more agents request full copies of my manuscript, which is obviously exciting. It had seemed like things were tapering off, despite my continued queries, so I'm glad to know my baby book has not been forgotten. 

I truly can't thank you all enough for being supportive of my writing. Because I don't get paid to do it, it can feel unreal sometimes, like the world views it as a cute hobby--whereas in my head, my corporate job is just some random thing I do to pay the bills so I can get home to my real work. It feels wonderful to know that you care about my writing, and that you want me to keep doing it. 

Let me pay forward some of that love. We just published our #SplitLipFAM round-up for the month of May, so you can check out that list for a TON of amazing stories and poems. I especially recommend Dorothy Chan's poetry, Robert James Russell's illustrated nonfiction pieces, sally burnette's story and Marianne Chan's poems. Split Lip is also currently looking for fiction readers, so if you're interested in pulling some gems out of the slush with us, fill out this application.

<3 <3 <3

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