Monday, March 13, 2017

Ode to the Spicy Bhakti Chai

My friends: I am in love. I am in love with a beverage known as the Spicy Bhakti Chai. I first tried it ages ago, but my love has only grown stronger throughout the years. Though the drink is now often available at Whole Foods stores in Chicago and other areas, there is only one place I know of with an overabundance of Bhakti Chai, where it flows from the mountains* into the cafes and restaurants and shops, the place where our hearts were originally brought together: Denver, Colorado.

I just spent six days in Denver visiting Leta, where I drank not one, not two, but SEVEN Bhakti Chais. What follows is an account of my liquid trysts:

The first day I drank two Bhakti Chais at the Tattered Cover on Colfax--easily one of the best bookstores I have ever visited. I had freelance work to do, and Leta had plenty of pre-work for her next unit at coding school, so we spent a lot of time in various coffee shops on our laptops. In fact, we returned to the Tattered Cover on day 3 of my visit, where I had--you guessed it--a Bhakti Chai. Though I managed to resist buying books the entire time--quite a feat on my part--I did pick up some delightful unicorn notebooks, since I had forgotten mine.

Yeah, I'm basically a five-year-old. What of it?

I had two more Bhakti Chais at Under the Umbrella Cafe. We'd never tried it before, but I'm glad we did--it was very comfortable, with great wifi and delicious food. Though they do not carry Bhakti Chai, St. Mark's Coffeehouse and the Denver Cat Company are also great cafes. Well, to be honest, I don't think the Denver Cat Company would be all that great, were it not for the fact that it has lots of cats. Meow.

We made another cat friend while were walking to all these cafes. His name was Toulouse, and he was orange and white with a stubby tail. He came bounding at us from someone's yard, then promptly rolled over and asked for belly rubs. His tag said, "Please do not steal me! I come and go as I please." And it's a good thing, too, because we both wanted to steal him. He came and found us again on our walk back. It was basically the cutest.

Two more Bhakti Chais came from the grocery stores that we visited throughout the week--but that doesn't make for an exciting story. You know what does make for an exciting story? The last-ever Motown Night at Pearl's. I was honored to be in attendance for the last iteration of this weekly tradition. Shook my ass on the dance floor until a little after midnight. Happy to learn I can still keep up with "Proud Mary," but my cardio definitely needs some work.

I think that covers all the Bhakti Chais. What else? A trip to the Denver Museum of Nature & Science, where we looked at a replica Viking boat and watched a chameleon's suspenseful cricket hunt, ending with a satisfying snag with its long, quick tongue. A board game night with Leta's friends in which my character successfully stopped Leta's traitorous character from destroying us all in Betrayal at House on the Hill (one of my favorites). A stroll through Cheesman Park to observe the many cute dogs. I watched the movie Clue for the first time (finally), and we watched a lot of Key & Peele as well.

Overall it was a relaxing visit, and it was wonderful to spend time with Leta, who is my true love--truer even than Bhakti Chai, believe it or not. I'd move to Denver someday, but I'm worried I'll overdose on sugar.

One more important thing that happened while I was in Denver: I'm officially an Editorial Assistant for Split Lip Press/Split Lip Magazine. I am overjoyed to be helping out with such a cutting-edge literary venture. Right now I'm mostly just handling Twitter stuff, but I'll be taking on more soon. Check them out, buy some books, submit to the magazine, and/or follow on Twitter: @splitlippress/@splitlipthemag

*By "mountains" I mean a factory or a series of factories, presumably.


  1. Wow! Love your devotion to our spicy brew! Thank you so much for this amazing piece - would you mind if we reposted this on our own blog: The Ginger Press? Would also love to send you free product coupons - email me at with your address ❤️

    1. Go for it! I'd love that. And I'll definitely email.


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