Wednesday, September 7, 2016

What's Going On

Now you have 4 Non Blondes' seminal 90's hit "What's Up" stuck in your head, don't you? If it's any consolation, so do I.

Thought I ought to check in. It's been a while.

The bad news: I did not get the full-time, salaried job at American Soup.*

The good news: American Soup did ask me to freelance for them. So I started working on some of that today. If all goes well, you'll eventually be able to see my engaging copy on soup can labels nationwide. If all goes really well, I'll get my foot in the door for a full-time job in the future.

I'm thinking freelancing may be the route to go for a while. Why, you ask?

1) I love writing, and freelancing would allow me to write in exchange for cold hard cash. Or checks. Whatever.

2) I can do it from anywhere, including The Netherlands, if I go there to nanny for my cousin, or New Zealand, if I obtain a working holiday visa. I just renewed my passport, so I'm going somewhere, dammit. I rarely feel as competent as I do when I'm traveling. I travel well--it puts me in my element. It's not that I don't miss you all, but I love exploring, too. And besides, you can only get a working holiday visa until you're 30 years old, and 30 isn't too far away. I don't know if I could forgive myself for squandering such an opportunity!

3) I still work part-time and remotely for super-secret-second-job-that-no-longer-has-to-be-secret, so I will continue to have a regular base income each month. And no gap in my resume, for that matter. And a decent amount of savings from when SSSJTNLHTBS was full-time, on top of that.

4) I would be able to spend time editing my novel, so that I can get it ready to send to agents. I've been working hard on it lately. It's getting closer. I can feel it.

5) Because adventure. Sometimes you have to take risks to do the things you love, right? That's how this whole life thing works?

Here's the part where I ask for your help: darling friends who have freelanced before/are freelancing now (writing or otherwise), can you spare some advice? Anything at all would be useful, but I'm especially interested in how you handle things like taxes (I've heard freelancers should pay them quarterly?) and health insurance (Obamacare?). Also, how do you feel about sites like Upwork? What about budgeting? I keep reading about Mint and You Need A Budget--anyone use those? Non-freelancers can help with that last one as well, obviously. Any tips/reviews/anecdotes/warnings/encouragements would be greatly appreciated.

Let's end this entry on a recap of all the awesome things that have happened lately: I've seen SO MUCH of Gena and Felipe and Meg and my dogs and I went to Ben's birthday party and I got a family tattoo and I saw Austin when he was in town and I went on Meg's boat and there was a national holiday and I ate too much food.

Such loveliness.

*Again, not actually a soup company. 

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