Thursday, July 14, 2016

On the Road Again (In the Sky Again)

Wanted to check in before I head out of town once more. I'm going to Chicago tomorrow for the second time this summer. We're having a sort of impromptu family reunion, as my cousin Erin and her family are traveling across the country on a farewell tour before they move back to Amsterdam. There shall be many cousins and first-cousins-once-removed and much happiness. Also: puppies. I'm looking forward to it.

And now, as promised: The Britney Spears Report. The show was spectacular, in the literal sense of the word--it was a spectacle. When LeeAnn and I walked into the Axis Theater at Planet Hollywood, we were confused; the space looked cheap, no fancier than a movie theater. However, that all changed when the show began. The entire back wall of the theater serves as a screen to project lights and images, so that in and of itself is dazzling enough to distract you from the lackluster decor. Britney looks great--in shape and on her game. They give up all pretense of her singing, which I was fine with. She lip syncs the entire show, which allows her to do intense choreography. She hit all the moves, and if some of her movements were slightly smaller than her dancers', it's probably because they all have at least ten years on her. I thought she did a fantastic job of performing. She was enthusiastic and worked the crowd the whole time. It was packed with songs--I can't think of a single hit that she didn't sing. The recorded vocals are specific to her Piece of Me show, so some of the songs were remixed in unexpected ways, which kept things fresh. The set and costume designers were clearly having lots of fun. Glitter clothes! Blacklight clothes! Giant angel wings! Making an entrance in a burning ring of fire! Leaping off a giant tree! Needless to say, I was enthralled. If you're ever in Vegas, I recommend it. Don't worry--I thought about all you poor souls who didn't get to go. Here, for your edification, is a video of "Womanizer."

I've been having a pretty fun week in general. I went to see Swiss Army Man, which was unlike any other movie I've seen in that it mixes crude, bodily humor with almost a Wes-Anderson-style twee atmosphere. The film contains some of the most sentimental farts I've ever witnessed.

Last night a bunch of us went swimming and then played board games. And tonight we're going to see Ghostbusters for Tim's birthday. Ah, summer.

But I have to pack first! Better be on my way.

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