Thursday, June 16, 2016


Sorry for the long silence! I've been jet-setting, as I am wont to do. I just got back from a trip to Chicago, most of which was spent lounging on my parents' couch, watching Law & Order re-runs and cuddling dogs. But the weekend was rather busy, as I had plenty of friends to see.

On Thursday night I organized the obligatory trip to Moody's Pub, where we sat on its glorious shady patio and consumed burgers and sangria, and more sangria, and also sangria. There was quite the turnout!

I guess they like me or something.

I crashed at Meg's and did some work the next day while they were at the office. Friday night my sister was celebrating her 26th birthday (though in my mind, she'll always be 8). We met her and some of her other friends at Bar on Buena, but it was too crowded, so we walked to Holiday Club instead. During the walk, we managed not to throw a brick through the windows of Profiles Theatre because we are skilled at taking the high road.

Holiday Club was packed, too. I ran into a woman I used to do theater with back in high school, and later we ran into Meg's little brother, because Chicago is the smallest giant city on the planet. Meg and I left fairly early because we are old people and the bar was too loud. We went back to their apartment and watched Bring It On, which, I am happy to report, holds up, at least in terms of humor. It's a film on the cusp of being progressive. The white squad realizes they're in the wrong for stealing cheers from the black squad, and the black squad triumphs in the end. But the movie's not actually about the black squad--that would be too much. *eyeroll*

Ok, rant complete. Saturday morning I lugged my suitcase to Gena's so that she, Marty, and I could attend Jane and Jez's wedding. Well, technically their wedding reception--the ceremony was a few months ago at San Francisco City Hall. It was held at her aunt and uncle's beautiful old house in Evanston, and I have to say, the catered Mexican food may have been my favorite wedding meal of all time. I got to catch up with people I haven't seen in years, and afterwards a bunch of us went to Temperance Beer Company for some delicious local brews.

Gena and I are so cute it hurts.

The next morning Gena and I headed to Printer's Row Lit Fest with her friend Meghan, because what could be better than browsing tents full of books in the open air, wandering down a street lined with historic brick buildings? I grabbed a few titles from two wonderful Chicago presses, Featherproof Books and Curbside Splendor. The purchase at Featherproof was especially great because they threw in two more books for free--it was the last day of the festival, and they didn't want to carry them back. I ran into Marianne and Clancy, Beckah, and later, Leta's friend Nick. Smallest. Giant. City. On. The. Planet. 

Then it was back to the burbs for dogs and laziness. My last night in town, Meg drove up and we went to visit their parents' new lake house. It was last decorated in the 70's, and it has a DISCO ROOM--silver wallpaper, mirrored cabinets and walls, silver leopard-print chairs, and mirrored blinds. It was fabulous. I'm glad I got to see it before their mom rehabs it into something significantly more reasonable. By the time we got there, she'd already primed and painted an entire room. 

So that was supposed to be my summer trip. I was supposed to come back to Vegas and remain here until the next phase of my life is figured out. 

But. There's always a but.

My last day in Chicago, I was Facebook chatting with Meg and Leta, and Meg asked if they could sleep at Leta's place in Colorado. It's Denver Pride this weekend, and it turns out Allstate's float in the parade could use a few more...what do you even call the people who walk in parades? Marchers? Cheerleaders? Supporters? Anyway, as a member of Allstate's Pride board, Meg spontaneously decided to head out there to help, along with some of their fellow board members. Then I got to thinking: flights from Vegas to Denver are usually really cheap. I couldn't help it--my fingers typed out, and soon I had a 5-day trip booked. Now I get to see both my best friends at the same time, AND I get to march in the Pride parade! I can't wait.

Basically, I have a one-day layover in Vegas (today), and tomorrow I'm off to another state yet again. I'm flying Spirit, unfortunately, so I have to figure out how to pack my rainbow dress plus my other clothes plus my toiletries plus my computer into a tiny backpack. I'm sure the internet can tell me how to do that.

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