Thursday, May 26, 2016

Summer Vacation?

Last night I had a dream that I applied for a job at an Applebee's restaurant. It had recently rained; it was overcast, and the air still smelled of petrichor. Instead of worms, the parking lot pavement was strewn with large snakes, some black, some green. I walked inside and asked to fill out an application. They told me I had to write a cover letter. They gave me some looseleaf paper and a pen, but the words wouldn't come out--I kept scratching over phrases, and I was worried that I'd need to ask for a new sheet. One of the snakes found its way inside and wound itself around my ankle.

I think the job hunt is getting to me.

It's strange having a summer vacation that technically has no official end. Just whatever comes next.

I've been spending lots of time on The Strip lately, oddly enough. On Saturday night, I stood in front of the Bellagio Fountains from 8 p.m. to midnight and watched every single show. Now I'm trying to write an essay about it, to practice my creative nonfiction skills. It's harder to write when there's no narrative. Not that essays can't have narrative, of course. It's simply that this one is coming out more collage form so far.

That night, Lulu picked me up after her shift, and as we were walking back to the parking garage through the Bellagio's gardens, we ran into Brett and Mary Beth. That's right, my friends: it has reached the point where I run into people I know on the Las Vegas Strip.

Last night Lulu, LeeAnn, and I went to see Absinthe, which is a weird, sexy circus-burlesque show at Caesars Palace. The jokes were zero percent politically correct, but the performers were phenomenal. My favorite was this couple who did a sort of BDSM-themed acrobatics act to Hozier's "Take Me to Church"--ON ROLLERSKATES! They were spinning so quickly, and the woman's head was so close to the ground. It was enthralling.

Anyway, aside from all that I've basically just been reading, writing, and sleeping. Sleeping too much, actually--I'll have to start setting alarms, shake myself out of the bad habit. Don't want the adjustment to be too painful when and if that job comes along.

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