Wednesday, April 13, 2016

Publications & Defenses & Vacations, Oh My!

Let's do this in order.

My trip to Florida was relaxing--and what better way to kick it off than a publication? My flash story "Puff Piece" came out in the newest issue of PINBALL on Friday, so it was great to start the weekend on a high note. If you're in the business of writing stories, PINBALL is a great publication to work with, for the record. They publish fiction, creative nonfiction, and comics. You should submit to them.

As I said, Florida was relaxing, but also a bit surreal. We were visiting what we affectionately refer to as "The Boyd Hotel," my Uncle Bill's place in West Palm Beach. I've been going there on a frequent basis ever since I was little, and it always used to be that my sister and I were the youngest and we adored our cool older cousins. But now my cool older cousins have a litter of children, and I'm the cool older cousin (once removed). So that was a strange transition, but not necessarily a bad one. I finally got to make the acquaintance of baby Mattheijs, as well as Uncle Bill's girlfriend Boots. Spent most of the weekend in the pool, which is exactly how a trip to Florida should be.

This week I've been attending as many of my friends' thesis defenses as I can. Michael's on Tuesday, which was outside in the school's cactus garden. Don and Claudia brought their dog. Today I went to Kayla's and to Shaun's. Everyone has been phenomenal, and now I'm especially nervous for my own defense tomorrow. Tomorrow! How did that happen? I know it's my own novel, and I wrote it, and nobody can possibly know it better than me...and yet.

I'm sure it will go well, assuming I can ever get iThenticate to run the required plagiarism report. It seems to be taking a while, presumably because my thesis is 235 pages long.

That page count makes me feel like a badass. 

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