Friday, December 11, 2015

Crossing the Finish Line Early

Sorry about the lack of blogging, but can we just talk for a minute about how goddamn efficient I am? I gave my second final exam yesterday morning. I then proceeded to my office, where I graded those exams, calculated semester grades for both my classes, and emailed them to the English department. Final grades aren't even due until Monday. We had our last workshop on Tuesday and I turned in a second draft of my translation right after Thanksgiving. You know what that means? I AM DONE. Finished with the semester. No more work. It is officially Winter Break.


Yeah, it's pretty exciting.

On Tuesday I fly to Chicago (my 24th flight this calendar year), where I shall remain for three weeks. Looking forward to Christmas, which I finally feel like I can celebrate. For whatever reason, I don't like to let in the holiday cheer until I've completed all of my schoolwork. I think I'm afraid I won't be able to re-focus. But now there's no need to re-focus, so I can dedicate my energy to Bing Crosby, fattening foods, colorful decorations, and snow.

Not that I'm giving up all responsibility--I'm still planning on writing, of course. I have a novel draft to complete! I mean, it's technically completed now, but the last three chapters are a mess. I wrote chapter 7 while I was recovering from wisdom tooth surgery. Rewrites are direly needed. The break will also hopefully allow for more frequent blogging, or at least more substantial blogging. I've had all these topics bouncing around in my head, but I haven't had the time to write about them yet. Soon...

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