Wednesday, November 11, 2015

Trading in the Spring Mountains for the Rockies

I've earned a little vacation, don't you think?

Good thing I'm heading to Denver this weekend to visit miss Leta! Last year's ColoRADo vacation was so delightful that I couldn't help but demand a sequel. It looks like it probably won't snow while I'm there, which is a shame. But Leets and I have lots of exciting plans in the works. I won't go into too much detail here, as I want to have something to blog about when I get back. But I will say that much of our time will likely be spent at the Tattered Cover, drinking bhakti chai and writing.

Writing vacations are the best vacations.

What else? I'm thinking of applying for some creative writing fellowships, but the application fees are so expensive. I'm sure it's to help weed out less serious candidates, as ridiculous amounts of people apply each year. For instance, The Stegner's website says that they received 1,700 applications last year for 10 fellowships. But I'm sure they're weeding out the wrong people this way. It's hard enough for a grad student like me to scrounge up the money for this ($75 for the Stegner, $50 for most others), and I'm a privileged brat who'll probably (hopefully) make up the loss in Christmas cash. But what about all the people who are significantly less privileged and yet would like to pursue their writing more seriously? It's troubling to me that these fellowships don't view their fees as prohibitive, especially considering that all the people working at these places probably believe themselves to be as liberal as can be.

At any rate, if I do apply for these fellowships, I certainly won't be applying for many.

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