Thursday, November 26, 2015

A Very Vegas Thanksgiving

It's Thanksgiving in Vegas! And you know what that means: a marathon of Thanksgivings-away-from-home. Lulu and I spent way too much on groceries last night, so I'll mostly be eating her delicious cooking--but then I'll be hopping to a few other places to celebrate with more friends.

Actually, I lied when I said I'd be mostly eating Lulu's delicious cooking. It is true that her cooking is delicious, and I will certainly be gobbling up the turkey. But unfortunately, I cannot eat most of her delicious cooking; I'm still on that doctor-recommended low-FODMAP diet. Nevertheless, I'm not letting it ruin Thanksgiving. I bought my own instant mashed potatoes to make with fake butter, I found a low-FODMAP stuffing recipe with quinoa and parsnip and walnuts and blue cheese and cranberries and sage and parsley, and I bought lactose-free ice cream and a dairy-free dark chocolate syrup for dessert. Take that, potential-food-allergies-I'm-not-even-sure-I-actually-have! I will stuff my face like a real American regardless!

Leftovers won't be the only joy that Friday brings--Friday is also bringing miss Ashley to visit, all the way from Cupertino! No set plans yet, but there are many possibilities being bandied about for how we'll spend our time together. As she's never been here before, she has to see the strip, obviously. But what's the point of knowing a Vegas local if the strip is all you see?

Anyway, it should be a good weekend. Today and tomorrow I think I'm going to finish getting my materials together for a few of those creative writing fellowships, so wish me luck with that.

Today I'm thankful for you, family and friends who read this blog! And even if you're not family or friends, I'm thankful for you, too.

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