Monday, October 19, 2015

Why hello there...

Sorry for the long silence. I'm happy to report that midterms week is finally over. Not that I had to take any tests, but I did have to grade 50 student papers and submit their grades to the department, along with submitting my own work to workshop again, and on top of all that my car broke down. (It's fixed now.) On the bright side, all that stress seems to have shoved my brain out of the hypochondriac anxiety mode in which it had been stuck for a few weeks. Feeling a lot better in general.

My last few posts have been downers, so let's take a look at some good things that have happened:

I watched Father John Misty play on the roof of The Cosmopolitan! If you're familiar with Father John Misty's work, and you're thinking that Las Vegas is a strange setting for his music, you would be 100% correct. He was all sarcasm, and upon spying Britney Spears' face plastered over the Planet Hollywood casino across the street, he promptly challenged her to a singing duel. This was the third time I'd seen him in concert, though the only time I'd not seen him in Chicago. He continues to be a wonderful live performer.

I attended a board game party! We played no board games--only card games (Bang!, specifically) and a mini-RPG titled Actual Cannibal Shia Laboeuf, which is exactly what it sounds like.

I went to the Vegas Valley Book Festival!  Sat in on Olivia's panel and Maile's panel, saw popular Nevada writer Claire Vaye Watkins and the famous Irish writer Colum McCann. Took lots of notes.

I booked a plane ticket to see Leta in November! Last year's wintry visit to Denver was so magnificent that I couldn't resist a sequel. Plus I found a super cheap ticket.

I delighted in the multiple thunderstorms and not-so-thundery-storms that have watered Las Vegas for the past few days. At this point I wouldn't mind if it rained for a month--I miss weather. But I think we're back to sunshine now, with much cooler temperatures, thank goodness.

Life has been good, but it has been busy. I'm very excited for next weekend, when I have exactly zero plans. I'm going to WRITE THINGS. What a drastic change of pace.

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