Wednesday, October 7, 2015

The Sweet Sight of Publication

Many of you probably already know this via Facebook, but on Monday my flash fiction story "Radioactive Teeth" was published by Paper Darts, a fantastic art and literary journal out of Minneapolis. They have artists illustrate each of the stories they publish, so now there's a painting to go along with my words. The story was a finalist for Paper Darts' Short Fiction Award, and I'm so honored they chose it. I really believed in this one--I knew it would make it someday.

Monday was an especially good day for publication, too, because I've been having a rough week. I thought the panic attack I had upon my return from Chicago was bad, but then a few days a later I had an even worse attack--so bad I went to the Student Health Center so they could confirm that lunacy was the only thing wrong with me. I have to say, the Student Health services at UNLV are top-notch. They didn't treat me like I was losing my mind at all. They took me seriously, listened to my concerns, did what they could for me, and even called on Monday to follow up. I tip my metaphorical hat to them.

I think I'm finally calming down from last week (maybe, hopefully--I don't want to jinx it). It was so frustrating, not only because panic is essentially the worst feeling in the entire world, but also because I'd been doing so well for so long. I hadn't had a real panic attack since last Christmas. But this new bout with severe anxiety has encouraged me to redouble my efforts to deal with it. I'm finally going through that anxiety workbook I purchased long ago, I finally made an appointment with a gastroenterologist to address my long-term stomach problems (fewer bad feelings in my body means less hypochondria for me), and I think I'm finally going to try to find a therapist that can see me consistently (you can only get so many sessions at the Student Health Center).

The point is, it was so wonderful to see my story published on Monday, because it served as a reminder that sometimes my brain does good things instead of stupid things. I look forward to better taking care of my brain so that it can continue to produce good things in the future.


  1. your brain does some really wonderful things. I loved Radioactive Teeth!

    *hugs* anxiety sucks. glad you're in a place to work on it <3


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