Saturday, July 4, 2015

Today I America

Yes, you read correctly: I just used "America" as a verb. Do you honestly believe that our great nation can be so many things--a bastion of immediate gratification, the epitome of large living, the paragon of political polarization--but it cannot also be a verb? Where is your patriotism?!

I poke fun, but in truth, America is a pretty swell place to live. So is France, though. And in all fairness, the United States probably wouldn't exist without France--they were our staunch allies during the Revolution. What's more, we definitely wouldn't have the Statue of Liberty without France. So if I have to spend Independence Day outside the States, I'm glad it's in Toulouse.

Don't worry: I'm planning on making today as American as possible. First, lunch and a beer at L'Atelier du Burger. (I love it when English words creep into French.) Later this evening, I'll head to La Cinémathèque de Toulouse. Yesterday they launched their summer "cinéma en plein air" series--outdoor movies. Tonight they're showing Rebel Without a Cause--in French, La Fureur de Vivre. I can think of few things more American than James Dean.

I'm wearing my "IL <3 you forever" shirt and my jorts. Let's do this.

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