Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Basque Country

Exciting news! Tomorrow I'm headed to Bayonne, a city in the heart of French Basque country. I had such a hard time deciding where to go for my last trip before I head back to the States, but Basque country won--because it was cheaper. I guess this just means that I've covered the south of France fairly well, but the next time I visit I'll have to tackle Normandy and Brittany.

I'm staying in an Airbnb right on the Nive River, which should be lovely. Bayonne is a great location because it's easy to take day trips from there. I hope to visit Biarritz, the nearby seaside city. Both Bayonne and Biarritz are known for their chocolate industry, by the way. I might try to visit Saint-Jean-de-Luz, another seaside city further south. I may go inland to Pau.

The real question is whether I want to cross the border into Spain to visit San Sebastián. This is a conundrum mainly because of my passport stamp tattoo. I have tattoos from staying in a country as little as three days, but to not even get a hotel room there? To visit just for a few hours? Does that count? I'm not sure it does. But then when I do go to Spain for a real visit one day, it will feel wrong to have that date stamped on my arm forever, since technically I would have visited Spain before.

It's tough when you have to base your travel plans on aesthetic considerations.

I'm looking forward to the train ride tomorrow. Three hours--plenty of time to write. Don't worry; I'll blog all about it when I get back.

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