Thursday, July 23, 2015

Au Revoir, Toulouse

I'm not sure how this happened, but it seems that tonight is my last night in Toulouse. Tomorrow I return to Paris for a few days, and then I catch a plane back to good ol' Vegas. Actually, I catch a plane to Toronto, where I have an eight hour layover, and then I catch a plane back to good ol' Vegas. Ugh.

I've been trying to squeeze in a few more memories before I head out. The other night I went to La Cinémathèque de Toulouse to see Jacques Demy's 1961 film Lola, starring Anouk Aimée. The film was shown outside in their historic courtyard, and I drank an Orangina. The whole evening was oppressively French. I enjoyed the movie very much, and was pleased that I could at least understand the plot. My favorite part was when Frankie, an American sailor and one of Lola's lovers, said he was from "Shee-cah-go, Ellynoy." I was also entranced by the beautiful score, and immediately looked it up when I returned home, only to discover that it was the second movement of Beethoven's 7th. I really wish we'd had music appreciation courses forced on us in high school.

Yesterday I picked up a few more books, because I definitely need more of those. It's not as though I have whole stacks of books I haven't read yet or anything. Maybe that can be a project for the upcoming school year, since I won't have any lit courses: diminish the backlog. Anyway, I bought another book by Maylis de Kerangal, since I liked Réparer Les Vivants so much. This one is called Dans Les Rapides, and it's apparently about three friends in 1978 who love Blondie. Quelle coïncidence--I love Blondie! Figured it'd be a perfect fit. The other one I bought is called Faillir être Flingué by Céline Minard. It intrigued me because it's an American Western written by a French woman. Also, it won a big prize in 2014, so that can't hurt.

Today I packed, and then I walked into the city and mentally said goodbye to things. Au revoir, groovy vintage stores! Au revoir, tree-lined and pétanque-infested Cours Dillon! Au revoir, Batman graffiti that I walk by every day! Though I miss my friends and I'm excited to see them, I wish I could solve the problem by transporting them to France rather than going back to the United States.

But I must live in the moment. I have 3.5 days in Paris to make the most of...and rumor has it that a certain baby sister and another very good friend will be joining me there. (!!!)

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