Saturday, June 13, 2015

The Universal Language of Geek

Today I met up with two of the students from the creative writing program in Toulouse. I was very nervous, because I basically speak French like a two-year-old. I'm fairly certain that I conjugate my verbs incorrectly 90% of the time, and I mix up all the prepositions. Also: why does "actuellement" have to mean "currently" instead of "actually"? Why?

Anyway, we met for tea and pastries, and initially the conversation was difficult for me. We started by discussing the differences between creative writing programs in America and France. (There are very few in France, and the programs that do exist are apparently so new that they're not yet well-formed.) I used my tried-and-true trick of pronouncing English words with a French accent when I wasn't sure of my vocabulary--it works more often than you'd think. Still, I was struggling.

Then the conversation changed to the kinds of literature they enjoy. Lo and behold, I found myself with two big sci-fi and fantasy fans. Lord of the Rings? Game of Thrones? Doctor Who? These are subjects I can discuss! You know what the French word for TARDIS is? It's TARDIS. I quickly became much more comfortable with the whole situation.

They seemed quite pleased that I like Doctor Who; apparently it's not too popular in France. They invited me to a party to watch Christopher Lee movies (RIP), but it wasn't starting until late, and I don't have a car, and the metro stops running early, so...I wasn't sure how I was going to manage that. We might get together on Monday though. Yay people!

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