Wednesday, June 3, 2015

Hello from Paris

Just a brief update from my phone: I have arrived in France safely and am enjoying myself immensely. Catherine and Arnaud live in Nanterre, which is technically a suburb of Paris. But their apartment is within walking distance of La Défense (the business district), so it hardly counts as a suburb. 

Last night we took the metro into Paris proper. Good news! Paris looks exactly how you think it looks: beautiful and charming. We met French Catherine (I really must devise a better way to distinguish the two) for a translation panel, which was held, of course, in a gorgeous old building. An English author, Will Self, was there with three French translators, who had all translated a passage from his most recent book. The passage was difficult to understand in English--very postmodern, evocative of Joyce especially--so translating it was no small feat. Then they discussed the differences in their translations. I was pleased because I understood a great deal more of the discussion than I thought I would. And unlike American panels, the whole audience jumped in on the discussion, so it was extremely lively. 

Today Arnaud and I are touristing while Catherine's at work. Watch out, Paris: I have a 5-day metro pass and I'm coming for you. 

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