Wednesday, May 20, 2015

That's What I Want

There was a beautiful surprise in my bank account today: the funding for my summer travels from BMI and the Office of International Programs. The best things in life are free...

France is coming up so soon! I'm trying to take care of all the smaller details now that I'm on summer vacation. How do I get my phone to work over there? How do I get the keys to my apartment? How do I download and read French books when my Kindle's broken? (Answer: iPad.) I'm so excited to see Catherine from high school and meet Catherine from France, the student with whom I'm working on my translation project.

I'm writing a story for that project right now, but it's coming along slowly. I've been spending a decent amount of time writing, but I'm not producing as much as I would like in that amount of time. It may be because writing got put on the back-burner while I was finishing everything up at the end of the semester, so I'm still getting back into the swing of it. We shall see.

My stomach has been giving me trouble all semester, and it got worse again the other week. I'm pretty sure it's just gastritis that refuses to heal. But it needs to heal, because I need to eat all the food in France. This is very important. I went back to the Student Health Center, and this time they gave me a liquid medicine called carafate, which coats your stomach and stops the food from bothering it as much. When you were little and you got sick, did the doctor ever prescribe you amoxicillin that was pink and bubble-gum flavored? I always loved it when the doctor made me take that. Turns out that carafate is also pink and bubble-gum flavored! I haven't been this psyched to take medicine in years. I hope it works.

Today I climbed 11 routes at the gym in less than two hours (7 in the first hour) because I basically have superpowers. I hope there's a climbing gym or wall in Toulouse, actually; two months without climbing is going to feel terrible when I get back. WordReference informs me that the French phrase for rock climbing is "faire de l'escalade." And climbing wall is "mur d'escalade." J'ai besoin d'un mur d'escalade.

Everything sounds better in French.

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