Tuesday, January 20, 2015

Voilà! Your Professor

Today it was once again time to take up my professorial duties. Last Thursday--that is to say, Thursday, January 15th, not even one week ago--they finally informed me that I would be teaching English 102 again. And thank goodness for that. Now I don't have to plan anything new. Reuse the same slides and lesson plans, make sure all the links work. If I'm feeling ambitious over the summer (I doubt it), perhaps I'll re-theme my course. The world could use a David Bowie-themed composition course, don't you think? I could scale it back to glam rock in general if need be. Maybe a Doctor Who-themed course would be in order. Alas! If only those subjects wouldn't completely alienate a large portion of the student population...

My students this semester seem to be lively and good-spirited. In my first class, I'm teaching several men who are clearly significantly older than I am, which has never happened before. Hopefully they'll respect me the same way they might a younger colleague, but I guess we'll have to see. In my second section there's one student who has evidently designated himself class clown and is taking every opportunity to speak over me loudly and make jokes because I am female and he thinks I won't do anything about it. I suspect he'll cut that out when I explain that it negatively affects his participation grade. Overall, though, they seem nice.

I think I'm going to do what I did my first semester teaching, which is to wear a different outfit each day. No real reason for it--it's just an entertaining personal challenge. Here's Day 1. So professional it hurts.

Because I'm taking only one real class this semester--Dr. Campbell's Chaos Theory lit course--it has suddenly become crucial for me to organize my own time well. Here's hoping I can stay on task enough to keep writing my novel, write an independent research essay, plan my summer study abroad, and do all my other incidental work. Not to mention maintaining a social life. No one ever said grad school would be easy.

On that note, I have some emails to send. And I have to work out. And I have to write. À bientôt.

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