Monday, December 15, 2014

I'll Be Home for Christmas. Literally.

Today I turned in my students' final grades to the department, so you know what that means: WINTER BREAK!

I've got big plans, my friends--the most drastic of which is that I'm flying to Chicago tomorrow for a three-week visit. I am so very excited to see all my lovely Chicago humans that I don't even care about the cold. I also plan on doing a great deal of reading, a great deal of writing, and a great deal of French speaking. (All those study abroad deadlines are coming up quick.) Am I overly ambitious? Perhaps. But I'm going to do my best.

I don't think I can fully be in the holiday spirit until I return to the Midwest, but sunny Vegas has been doing its best. On Friday night Dan/Brittany/Denise/Austin hosted a Christmas party featuring a white elephant gift exchange, in which I won a white elephant. Saturday night I organized karaoke at Champagne's because I'm a goddamn rockstar and everyone needs to know it. It sort of turned into crazyoke, though; the regular host was out, and the woman filling in was possibly on drugs? She kept playing the wrong songs, or playing the same person's song twice in a row. It was bizarre.

Last night Olivia and Austin and I went to Sam's Town, a wonderfully tacky Vegas institution, to see White Christmas in theaters. Austin had never seen it before, which makes me sad; how can someone go so many Christmases with no White Christmas? It's not Christmas without Bing! From there we headed to the tiny bar tucked into the hotel's interior courtyard to see its infamous laser lights show--the holiday edition, of course. I have no words to explain how beautifully bad this show was, what with its shabby animatronic woodland creatures in Santa hats and its pale imitation of the Bellagio fountains choreography and its fake snow and its lasers that essentially made rebuses of the song lyrics. It was truly one of the best/worst things I've ever seen. I'd highly recommend it.

I decided to crash at Olivia's because Sam's Town pours a pretty big glass of wine. But then at Olivia's there was more wine. My head and tummy were not so happy today, which made it all the better when the landlord sent someone to repair the roof, and when I started my period. Hangover hell. Nobody's fault but my own.

And on that cautionary note, I have to pack. I'll see you tomorrow, Windy City!


EDIT: This site was recently brought to my attention, and now I would like Santa to bring me all of these feminist clothing items for Christmas. Santa's a feminist, right?

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