Wednesday, December 24, 2014

Baby It's Not Particularly Cold Outside

I don't know--maybe it is this morning. But I have serious doubts about whether I'll receive a white Christmas this year. It's stayed in the balmy 40's the whole time I've been here. It kind of sleeted the other night. Almost snow. Not quite.

It's alright, though. I'm happy to be in Chicagoland. The past weekend was nuts, completely nonstop. Thursday was ABIS Christmas party, Friday was Gena's Christmas party (charades! celebrity! finally meeting her boyfriend!), Saturday was hanging out with Mickey at Pick Me Up and Chicago Comics and Book Cellar and her apartment (RuPaul's Drag Race mini-marathon! cats!). Sunday I finally came home, but then I had to go to the rockin' Christmas party at my grandmother's retirement home.

Things have been calmer this week, thank goodness. I've been writing a lot, which is wonderful. I've can't seem to adjust to the central time zone, unfortunately. I keep waking up way too late. Maybe I just need the sleep. I forced myself to get up early-ish today.

Gee, my life is exciting! I'll bet you're thrilled to be reading this blog entry. Let me make it up to you with puppies:

And on that note, I leave you. A very Merry Christmas Eve to you and yours!

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