Thursday, September 4, 2014

All the Things

Many apologies for my lack of posts--I have been busy with all the things! I won't regale you with each and every tale, but here are a few highlights.

Last Saturday evening I went to see The Avett Brothers with Austin and Olivia, which was lovely. They're phenomenal live performers, and they kept singing these simple, sweet love songs; I must admit I teared up just a bit. WHO EVEN AM I?

I would highly recommend their opener, Nicole Atkins, who has a killer voice. Actually, I would recommend you listen to her albums from the middle to the end; the openings don't do much for me. If you're looking for one specific song to get you hooked, I would suggest "Gasoline Bride."

On Tuesday we had our first workshop, though the beginning was a bit strange--we had a phone call from the creator and head writer for an extremely popular television crime series. (I won't mention his name or show here, as he seems the type who might Google his own name, and I wouldn't want to appear ungrateful.) Apparently Maile interviewed him for a magazine last week, and he offered to talk about his work with us. While it was very kind of him to make time for us, his behavior indicated that he was an asshole to the highest degree. Name dropping right and left, a Scrooge-like obsession with making money--not that he was uninterested in his writing, because he certainly was, and he sounds like a hard-working writer at that. But he has no doubts in his mind that his writing is the best writing of all the writing, ever, and that his show completely revolutionized the television crime drama, although I think it would be easy to argue against that opinion.

And the misogyny! The constant bashing of his ex-wife. The story of how the young female character he's creating for a new project was originally supposed to be "a total bitch," and how he manipulated his current wife into joining him on a trip he had planned for her by convincing her that her dead mother wanted her to come, despite her reservations, because that's the "story" he "wrote" for her. I was none too pleased with this, as you can tell.

That said, it was undoubtedly kind of him to offer us his expertise, though I'm afraid he may have taken too much of an interest; his call was so long that we didn't have as much time as we should have to workshop Scott's story, and he mentioned wanting to call again, and possibly a writing assignment for us? I do hope Maile doesn't allow her workshop to become his screenwriting class, but I have faith in her.

Last night was Doug's Forms of Fiction class. Right now we're reading Chinese novels, and I made the potential mistake of mentioning that I had studied there for five months. Now it seems he has decided that I'm the Chinese culture expert, and I am really not. When he mentioned the Chinese New Year festival, he asked me to talk about it. I did my best, but ultimately--I was at a bar owned by two British backpackers during the Chinese New Year festival? It was the first time I tried absinthe? I mean, it was amazing. They have no fireworks laws there, so people were just tossing them around the streets, throwing them at people. I don't know too much regarding the history of it. What can I say? I'm a stupid American. Here's a link to the blog entry that discusses my impressions of it at the time. (My goodness my writing has improved! As has my ability to check my own privilege! That blog entry is kind of embarrassing!)

Doug does butcher the pronunciation of every single Chinese name, though. I could help him there.

Tomorrow there's a party, and it turns out Lulu and I may be hosting a portion of that party, so I should really go. Lots of work to do. I will attempt to write more frequently! Promise.

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