Wednesday, August 6, 2014

GISHWHES and Time Management

This week and this week only I am a valued member of Team Neon Studmuffins in GISHWHES--The Greatest International Scavenger Hunt the World Has Ever Seen. That title is not at all hyperbolic. Hosted by Misha Collins of Supernatural fame, this hunt poses challenges that range from silly (stage a water balloon fight wearing business suits), to geeky (improve Misha Collins' Erdos number), to charitable (bring flowers or chocolate to the residents of a retirement home), to virtually impossible (get a passenger POV shot of a fighter pilot doing a barrel roll with "GISHWHES Does Mach 2" written on his/her arm).

So far I've signed up to work at a food pantry wearing something that suggests I know how to party, I've filed a Freedom of Information Act request on my parents (sorry Mom and Dad!), I've set up a fake Twitter account specifically to troll Orlando Jones and have obtained the required 400 followers (but you should still follow here if you haven't--they could arbitrarily up the required number at any time!), and I've picked up supplies to complete several other challenges. I can't do it all alone, though. If you have any connection, even tenuous, to one or more of the following, I'd be grateful if you got in touch:
  • The owner/manager of a skyscraper that is at least 30 stories
  • A NYT bestselling author
  • A Tony award-winning actor 
  • A published science fiction author
  • A WWE or WWF professional wrestler
  • Someone very-high-up at NASA
I wish I were in Chicago, where the majority of my teammates are located. It's hard doing challenges alone--many times it'd be easier if someone were here to photograph me doing something, for instance. I'm currently quite upset because my grand plan to photograph a celebrity wearing a beautiful GISHWHES t-shirt I made with glitter paint fell through entirely; I was supposed to see Jeff Goldblum's jazz show tonight--and I know he frequently talks with the patrons--but he canceled last minute. I can't go around stalking celebrities. I wouldn't know where to go, and besides, I'd feel skeevy. So my last-ditch plan is to try to get into The Meltdown comedy show and hope that some very kind special guests who just happen to be in the top 2000 on IMDB's Star Meter are hanging around. If not, I don't know what I'll do. That said, I guess if you know a famous person in L.A. who'd be willing to offer up five minutes of his or her time, that would also be helpful. 

To be honest, I'm feeling a tad overwhelmed by the whole GISHWHES thing. Or maybe that's not true; I think I'm feeling overwhelmed generally because my time management skills have been so poor this summer. I almost certainly have time to do GISHWHES, and to write, and to do my part-time job work, and to do my internship, and to work out, and even to relax, but I get distracted and disorganized and lazy.

I've been considering making a schedule for myself, like a real adult person. But I have a horrible suspicion that I wouldn't follow it. Still, if I scheduled in an hour or two for "breakfast/reading articles on the internet" each morning, and if I scheduled in an hour or two for "dinner/trashy television" in the evening, and if I scheduled in other, less ridiculous down time, might it not be manageable? 

Does anyone have any experience behaving like a grown-up and setting such a schedule? Please let me know. 

Grown-ups probably don't stay up until 2 a.m. blogging, either.


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