Monday, July 14, 2014

California Uber Alles

Writing this blog from my phone, as I managed to knock over a glass of water onto Kenzie & Alex's wireless router while making my bed like an adult. This is why adulthood is overrated. New router should arrive tomorrow.

Despite my clumsiness, this weekend was quite spectacular, overall, and I must tell you about it so that you will be jealous. 

Friday evening Katie and I had a date night. The adventure started off with a trip to the Pleasure Chest, as Katie wanted to procure a present for her boyfriend--lucky him! We then headed to Umami Burger, a Los Angeles must according to most people I've talked with. It was indeed delicious, though a tad small. For the same price at Kuma's I could take half home for lunch the next day, but then, Chicago will always be better. This is a simple fact.

From there we traveled to Glendale for a Star Trek burlesque show--the second nerdy burlesque show we've attended this summer. I was pleased to discover that the bill featured some boylesque acts as well--why should ladies have all the fun? The girl who danced as Spock was fantastic (she didn't break character all night), but Sulu clearly stole the show. I can't even describe it--it was almost a drag act, because he was lip syncing, though he did eventually strip. But he had costume changes, song changes, starting with "Turning Japanese" and building up to an Olivia Newton-John "Xanadu" climax--it was truly dazzling.

You know I'm excited about it because I overused em dashes again.

My fun weekend did not end there, oh no. On Saturday Kenzie, Alex, and I decided to relive our rockabilly/psychobilly-loving high school days and attend Horton's Hayride in Long Beach, headlined, as you may have guessed, by the inestimable Reverend Horton Heat.

It may have been the most poorly-organized street festival I've ever attended. They oversold it, so it was insanely crowded and many people with tickets were turned away. But the beer was reasonably priced, and the music was great. I'm relatively certain Reverend Horton Heat haven't changed their set list in 20 years, but it was still great. The show had an interesting format; they did it sort of like a variety hour. Reverend Horton Heat would play a few of their songs, and then they'd bring up Deke Dickerson to play a few of his with them, and then they'd play a few more of theirs, and then they'd bring up Lee Rocker to play a few Stray Cats songs, and so on. There were lots of covers, tributes to the late great Tommy Ramone--it was lovely. 

You're probably wondering why I named this post "California Uber Alles." That would be because the final guest of the evening was none other than punk legend Jello Biafra, who I honestly didn't realize was still alive. I mean, I hadn't given much thought to his whereabouts. Certainly didn't think he was still performing. But it was great. He sounds exactly the same. Only it was funny, because he was backed by Reverend Horton Heat, so he was essentially performing rockabilly versions of Dead Kennedys songs. Rockabilly Dead Kennedys is better than you'd think. He didn't actually perform "California Uber Alles," but he did do "Holiday in Cambodia." I'll bet Kenzie, Alex, and I were the only ones in the audience who actually know who Pol Pot is.

Sunday was a chill day. Watched the World Cup final--in ENGLISH this time! I had to watch all the other games on Univision, which is only a problem because I don't speak a lick of Spanish. Not that the English commentators on ABC helped much; I still don't understand the rules at all, especially offsides. But anyway, congrats to Germany, and chin up, Lionel Messi. Everyone still loves you. Now it's time to not watch or even think about soccer for another four years. 

And now I must sleep. Lots of work to do this week as I'm spending the weekend in Big Bear in a cabin with no internet. More on that later. Bon soir!

EDIT 7-16-14: Still no internet at Kenzie and Alex's. Living the nomad life in pursuit of wireless. Adding links to this post from Katie's.

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