Friday, June 27, 2014

Tales of a Social Butterfly

Well, it sure seems like I struck a chord with that androgyny post. As this is my personal blog, I'm not surprised that my posts never get tons of hits. I expect that normally the only people reading are my friends and family, and the occasional stranger who stumbles across it. (Hi, occasional stranger!) Around 60 hits is the high end for most of the posts on this blog--I expect the average is somewhere around 40, although I haven't done the math. Point is, the androgyny post has 183 hits and counting. I think we know what this means: I've clearly tapped into some primeval human longing for gender-bending that our society has stifled, because I'm just that good. Becky Robison: addressing the serious issues, one blog post at a time.

I'm kidding, obviously. Though I do like it when I have more time to write introspective posts instead of simple recaps of my week. They're a challenge--a fun challenge--for me to write, and I suspect they may be more interesting for you to read. During the school year it's often too busy, so they usually happen on breaks. I'll have to make an effort to write them more frequently.

And on that note, a recap of my week. I may not have had much to do when I first arrived in Los Angeles, but my social calendar has quickly filled up--so much so this week that I kind of wish I could just lay in bed for a night and do nothing. I guess that's what next week is for. I'm going to tackle this one in bullet points to keep myself from rambling:
  • The Janelle Monae concert Sunday night was ridiculously good. If you're looking for James Brown's successor, do not look to a man--Ms. Monae has arrived to fill his place. She absolutely killed it. And at one point, she brought out STEVIE WONDER to sing with her, and I was so excited my little 60's gogo girl self almost cried.
  • Tuesday evening I went to Nightswim again. Katie didn't come this time. It was a tad overwhelming to be in such a large crowd where I barely knew anyone, but I'm still glad I went. Talked to Skye and Erin and Pam, who I karaoked with last Saturday. Oh--did I mention that on here? Last Saturday I went karaokeing with Crushee people. It was great! I tried Britney Spears' "Toxic" for the first time, as Pam and I were having a Britney-off, and I'm pretty sure I nailed it. 
  • Wednesday evening Katie, Seth, and I went to Mindshare LA's "Outer Space/Inner Space" event at Cross Campus in Santa Monica, which was basically a cocktail party for science. A Wired journalist talked about data mining, a lively postdoctoral student talked about plasmas and why we should fund research on them, and an oceanographer talked about psychedelic drugs and altering consciousness, among other presentations. I learned a lot, but the thing that really sticks with me is that Santa Monica is the worst place to park. Ever. 
Last night I didn't go out, but I was catching up on ABIS work for hours. Tonight it's Seth's birthday party at a video game bar downtown, so that should be fun. 

What else? Oh, something funny happened on Crushee. Annaliese, the woman who founded the site, is organizing a new very-high-class-very-fancy event that will take place on Mondays at some very-high-class-very-fancy place in Hollywood. Guest list and dress code strictly enforced, etc. The type of thing I normally wouldn't ever attend. So the other day on Crushee she asked people to suggest names for this event. The thread was long, and I suggested five names. And it turns out, they picked one of mine. I think it's the most boring one I suggested: High Society. I mean, that's just the name of an old movie/a common phrase, but I guess they liked it. 

Look, that's just how I roll, okay? Naming exclusive cocktail events in major world cities. I move somewhere, I immediately establish myself in the most elite social circles, and I take the city by storm. By which I mean I move somewhere and I get bored and then I Google stuff to do.

I have nothing to wear to this event, so Katie and I are going shopping on Sunday.

Yesterday someone called me an extrovert. Am I an extrovert? I don't feel like an extrovert. For a long time in my life I was so shy that I'd barely talk to anyone except my closest friends. I slowly started getting over that as a teenager--emphasis on slowly--but I still don't think I'm that good at talking to people, or that I'm loud or anything. (Except when I karaoke. Then I am loud.) I certainly go out and do things a lot, but that's largely because I tend to be less anxious if I keep myself constantly busy. I feel as though most of my human interactions are still horribly awkward--I express myself much better in writing than I do when speaking--but I've come to terms with the fact that awkward is a fundamental element of life for me. People complain about situations being awkward, and I think, "that isn't just every day for you?" 

I don't know. Maybe I'm not as awkward as I think I am. (And I really think I am!) But I've never actively thought of myself as an extrovert before. Strange.

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