Tuesday, June 10, 2014


I suppose you all would like to hear about my first day at Les Figues, since that's the entire reason I came out here. I think I can sum it up concisely:

I read a book at work.

Who could complain about that? It was perfect. Yesterday I drove over to the lovely old home whose basement the Les Figues offices occupy. It's quite close to where Mackenzie and Alex live, so I don't have to wake up early--something I always appreciate. I had time to make myself breakfast and tea and everything. Tea. It's like I was a real adult person or something.

After a brief tour and some paperwork, Andrew (the managing editor of Les Figues, Editor in Chief of The Offending Adam, and UNLV MFA program alum) handed Sara (another intern) and I copies of a manuscript, and we set to work proofreading. Obviously, I can't tell you anything about said story, except that I enjoyed it and I will definitely recommend it to certain people I know when it is released. Or everyone. I guess I could just recommend it to everyone.

We ate lunch outside beneath a shady tree, we went back inside and kept proofreading. Later we typed up our proofreading notes, and then we wrote descriptions of the aforementioned manuscript for potential future promotional purposes. At the end of the day, we were each presented with a tote bag (tote bag! what I'm just mildly obsessed with tote bags it's fine). And then the magic proclamation:

In lieu of pay, we are allowed to take home promotional copies of whatever books we choose.

More dangerous words have never been uttered.

I only took one yesterday (Sawako Nakayasu's book of flash fiction? poetry? might be the same thing? The Ants), but I'm sure I'll help myself to a few more in the future. "A few" being a gross understatement.

And no I can't take books for you, greedy readers! I strongly encourage you to purchase them, though. I mean, just look at all these fascinating, beautifully-designed volumes. How could you resist?

Anyway, my first day was delightful. I'm excited to head back to work on Thursday. It may be an unpaid internship, but for once I'm doing something I love at work. It gives me hope; maybe, one day, someone will pay me to read stuff. What a dreamy thought.

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