Monday, May 19, 2014

Hot Fun in the Summertime

Whenever I can't think of an entry title, I usually just go with a song. Can't beat this Sly & the Family Stone classic.

You know what that means. School is officially out for the summer. I haven't been able to blog for quite some time since I've been writing final papers, and some more final papers, and I've been grading fifty 8-10 page essays from my students as well as their final exams. However, I just turned in my final grades to the department, so I don't have anything else to worry about. I'm glad to take a break from essays and teaching for a few months, but at the same time, I'm quite sad that my first year in the program is already over. Everything's going too quickly! In a few days maybe I'll write a more reflective post about that. You know, because I'll actually have spare time.

Summer does not mean laziness for me, though. I have to write write write so I have something to workshop next semester. I think I'm going to tackle James Joyce's Ulysses, because why not? And of course, in June I'll begin my internship with Les Figues Press in LA! I'm psyched to be working with them. They make gorgeous, innovative books--poetry and prose. I can't wait to help out, learn the ins-and-outs of a small press. Many thanks to Les Figues for giving me a chance, and to my beautiful friends Mackenzie and Alex who have offered me their guest bedroom for the summer. Happy to have a place to stay with people I like.

Speaking of LA, my friend Katie recently abandoned her spacious apartment near Griffith Park to come visit me for a long weekend. We went to Velveteen Rabbit for a reading in celebration of The Salted Lash's issue 2 launch. (And since I haven't mentioned it on here yet--one of my stories is in the second issue of Michael Berger's adventurous handmade zine! If you'd like a copy, let me know and I will make sure one gets to you. $5-$10, sliding scale.) We had brunch downtown and meandered past the old casinos. She joined our D&D party for an exciting evening in which my character met her god, the Raven Queen!!!!! Penny was fangirling just a little. We went hiking at Red Rock--which I should really do more often, since it's right there, and because it's so pretty it looks fake. Exhibit A:
No filter on that photo, my friends. It just looks like that. For real. 

That evening we went to the strip and played tourist--had drinks at the Chandelier Bar in the Cosmopolitan, saw the Bellagio fountains and gardens, wandered through Paris and New York-New York. Ended the night with some delicious alcoholic milkshakes. Katie's visit was a lovely break from all the end-of-the-semester madness. I am more than glad she came, and I can't wait to hang out with her all summer!

Want to know how I'm kicking off summer celebrations? Tonight I am sissying my walk down to the Tropicana for the RUPAUL'S DRAG RACE SEASON SIX CORONATION! I am so. excited. Gagging, if you must know. I am confident that Bianca Del Rio will take home the crown she so clearly deserves; Adore Delano and Courtney Act have their merits, but I am convinced that only Miss Del Rio has the Charisma, Uniqueness, Nerve, and Talent to be America's Next Drag Superstar. I have only one concern: what will I wear?! Should I serve up sexy cheetah realness? Bright blossoms eleganza? 

Excuse me. I have to go dig through my closet. 

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