Wednesday, April 30, 2014

So Many Things

So Little Time

What have I done?
  • Hosted a tiny dinner party! But really miss Leta was the host, as she did all the work. Because she is crazy. I merely offered up my living room for an evening.
  • Killed it at workshop! My final two poems of the semester went over quite well, if I do say so myself.
  • Saw O, Heart! My friends were amazing, as usual, and there was a lovely after-party at a Cuban restaurant. So. Much. Food.
  • Emceed Neon Lit! I was nervous, but people seemed to like it. Since it was the last Neon Lit of the year, it was all the graduating students, and I read their Facebook posts from when they started the program. And of course, there was an after-party for that, too. 
  • Pirate Fest! Me hearties Joe, Austin, Joleen, Denise, Shaun, and I were a fearsome crew at this years' Pirate Festival. We watched a cardboard boat race and threw some knives. I bought a coin belt so that I can annoy poor Lulu EVEN MORE when I gogo dance.
  • Gogol Bordello! Austin, Jamison, and I went to their midnight show at Brooklyn Bowl. Haven't jumped around that much at a concert in a while. It was so much fun we bought tickets to see them again THIS weekend. Best idea ever or best idea ever?
  • Rock climbing! Again! Jamison and I actually bought month memberships to the gym. I will have upper body strength one day. One day...
  • D&D! Kicked some ass. I really don't want any of the characters in our party to ever die. They are truly delightful. I bought my own dice. Leta drew this beautiful picture of my character, Penny Dreadful, because she is stupid nice and stupid talented: 
  • Olivia's Birthday! We got Ethiopian food and drinks at Stake Out. 
  • Emerging Writers Series! We finalized our top three choices of up-and-coming fiction writers to bring here next year. So efficient! Lots of us stayed at Stake Out afterwards. Jukebox. Party. 
Not to mention work. I swear I did a lot of work, too. Probably not as much as I should have, but what can you do? 

Speaking of work, better get to that now. Rest assured, I'm sure there will be more adventures to come this week.

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