Tuesday, April 1, 2014


Felt like updating, even though I suppose nothing much has changed since I last wrote. Let's see...last Friday's Neon Lit was great. We all went to Velveteen Rabbit afterwards--perhaps the hipsteriest of Vegas bars, but for fancy hipsters, not divey hipsters--and several of us ended up at Blueberry Hill for late-night/early-morning pancakes (the best kind of pancakes).

Sunday I played D&D for the first time in months. I mentioned this in a Tweet, but I think one reason I enjoy playing so much--or rather, one reason I enjoy playing with Austin, Shaun, Jamison, Josh, and JD so much--is that I imagine it's what it must be like to have brothers. A pack of boys, sometimes gently berating you for not catching on fast enough but letting you play anyway, reverting back to some primal state where the prospect of conjuring and controlling a giant fireball is the coolest thing ever; it's cute.

This week in theory class we read Heidegger. Heidegger wrote about things thinging and worlds worlding in the dif-ference. Heidegger was an unrepentant Nazi. I'm not a huge fan of Heidegger. I'm excited for Derrida next week, though!

I just finished applying for another publishing internship. I wish I had something solid so that I could figure out my living situation for this summer. I'm sure it will all fall into place, but I'm a fan of planning ahead. The one I applied for this evening would be ideal; it's in LA, so I wouldn't be too far away if I needed to get back to Vegas for any reason. And I'd get to hang out with Katie and Mackenzie all the time--definitely a plus.

And now I must sleep, for I was decidedly woozy today. And by "sleep," I of course mean watch an episode of Mad Men and then sleep. I'm trying to re-watch season 6 before the final season starts on April 13th. What will I do without Peggy and Don in my life? Television will never be the same.


  1. brothers are fine, but I've always been super jealous of sisters. Also, fingers crossed for an LA internship!!


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