Thursday, February 20, 2014


I remember learning this word in high school and thinking it was just great that the English language contains such words. I use it here because it accurately describes my current state. Sleep has not been a priority this week. From acoustic covers of "Wrecking Ball" to The Lego Movie to reading Jacques Lacan to grading, everything has been pushing my bedtime later and later, and I've been too busy to sleep in. I think I'm going to have to tomorrow, though. Otherwise I may just collapse at some point during the weekend.

And we can't have that; there's a 5K to run, essays to grade, internships to apply for, Gertrude Stein and Julia Kristeva to read, stories to submit okimuststopthinkingaboutallthisrightnoworiwillburstintotears

Stress. It's gross.

And I really do have to get it all done because I'm going to Seattle next week for the AWP Conference. While I'm looking forward to the panels, the book fair, and the offsite readings, I am not looking forward to all the work I'll have to make up. Oh--there's another thing I have to do. I should actually plan which panels and readings I want to see.

Hey, guess what? One more poem and I'll have made up for all my missed January poems. Don't worry, poetry fans--I'm sure I'll still write poetry from time to time. In fact, I still have to write two more for poetry workshop this semester. They simply won't pop up on this blog so often. I wrote this in my head while in line for an iced chai. Good to know my brain is at least still functioning. Sort of.


world lacklustered
demilitarized heart

flops droop gray
flats drab glob
slump bag sloops
slow mops trudge
drudgingly blew
blah blah blah

view depassioned
thought overwrought

blah blah blah
slabs sheet plain
plops flab null
lacks slop flub
gums gum pale
crumplish knew

light deflated
bland abstention

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