Wednesday, February 12, 2014

[REDACTED] stays in Vegas.

Thanks for the title, Joe.

Well, Friendageddon has officially come to an end. Meg and Leta left yesterday, and I am once again left to my own devices in Las Vegas. Naturally, I'm inclined to blog about the whole experience, but parts of it were so magical and surreal and delicate that I feel like I'll ruin it if I write it down.

Therefore: the vaguest blog entry in the history of blogs.

Actually, Friday night doesn't have to be so vague. Alex, Meg, Felipe, and I paid a little visit to everyone's favorite 100-year-old-cowboy-bar-in-the-middle-of-the-desert, Pioneer Saloon. There was much singing and revelry. I sang "Flagpole Sitta," which I've always wanted to try, and it went better than I expected. Felipe and Meg sang songs from Chicago. Lulu brought the house down, as usual. Meg and I sang back up to Joe's rendition of "Punk Rock Girl." Meg and I also rocked Billy Joel's "Only the Good Die Young." Austin killed some Johnny Cash, and at Meg's request, he reprised his classic Electric Six performance. (I think it's now classic largely because of this blog--who knew I was such a taste-maker?) Alex, like, actually sang songs, which was shocking--Social Distortion and then Rancid with Dan. In all honesty, I am rarely so happy as I was that evening. It was amazing to see all my Chicago friends meshing together so well with all my Vegas friends. Got a little sentimental. Not gonna lie.

Saturday we ate brunch, explored the Container Park. And we went to the Neon Museum, which I would highly recommend. I snapped some beautiful photos, like this one.

Then there was Saturday night. Saturday night was when things really got crazy. After a delicious sushi dinner, Meg, Felipe, Alex, Austin, Shaun, Joe, Lulu, Olivia, Mike, and I all headed to the strip to go to "Rose. Rabbit. Lie."--The Cosmopolitan's brand new "social experiment." Is it a nightclub? A restaurant? Is it performance art? Yes. I don't want to give away any spoilers, but let's just say that despite the high price of cocktails, it's completely worth it. You can safely expect some tap dancing. You may be whisked away at any moment by glittery handlers to a private performance in which you will be asked to participate. And those TV ads for The Cosmopolitan, where the hotel is overrun with puppies and kittens and bunny rabbits? Those may not be so far off the mark...

Sunday I picked up miss Leta at the airport so she could join in the fun. We had lunch at The Peppermill because Vegas. Then we headed back to The Cosmopolitan to check in. You see, we decided to get a room on the strip that evening. A suite, in fact. A suite with a private terrace overlooking the strip, and a Japanese soaking tub. (Floor plan.) We weren't exactly sure what a Japanese soaking tub was at the time, but I'm glad we found out. We split some alcoholic milkshakes at Holstein's, and then we sadly had to take Alex back to the airport.

Later that evening, we had Joe, Shaun, and Austin over for drinks and snacks in our fancy suite. It was quite an evening. Games were played, friendships solidified, secrets revealed. We found out how many people you could fit in a Japanese soaking tub at one time. Magic, I tell you. Magic.

The next day was back to normal life for me. I had to plan class, etc. We took Felipe back to the airport. Then I got rear-ended. Not so exciting, but ultimately it turned out better than it could have. My car is largely fine, it wasn't my fault, and the guy we ran into after being read-ended was freaking awesome. His name is John. He is a cute little old one-time therapist who now plays in a clarinet quartet. He got all grandfatherly and made sure the police knew it wasn't our fault. We liked John.

After my evening class we all went to Stake Out and The Frog, a) because that's what we normally do and b) because it was Meg and Leta's last night in town. A good time was had by all.

Leta stayed for a little longer yesterday, just long enough to go rock climbing with Austin and to attend our craft talk with author Leni Zumas. But she, too, left me. It is bittersweet. I miss them all, but it was such a wonderful time that I'm glad it was short and sweet and not left to slowly undo itself.

I am So. Incredibly. Grateful. to all my Las Vegas friends. They treated my Chicago friends as their own, and they were 110% committed to having a good time. I am convinced that Friendageddon would not nearly have been so successful were it not for my new friends here. I love you all.

And on that note, I should really go. I have to go running (that 5K is coming up soon!), I have to do some more work, and MY POEM IS BEING WORKSHOPPED TODAY. Ahhhh. Wish me luck!


  1. I want to come back. I am moving into your closet. You have no say in this, it is happening.

    1. Closet? What happened to the house you were going to buy? ;)

  2. I'm sorry you got rear-ended :(

    1. Aw, it's ok. These things happen. Miss you already!


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