Sunday, February 23, 2014

It is a winning cake.

Select highlights from Gertrude Stein's Tender Buttons, which I am currently reading for my Poetry Forms class:


It is a winning cake."


...Eating he heat eating he heat it eating, he heat it heat eating. He heat eating...."

"A Cutlet

A blind agitation is manly and uttermost."

Do you feel like you're going insane? I feel like I'm going insane. In a good way, sort of. Sometimes I'm convinced she's a genius--the sounds of the words are so beautiful. And sometimes reading Tender Buttons is so frustrating that I want to curse Gertrude Stein's name for all eternity. But hey, who said that reading should only be pleasurable, or that pleasurable and frustrating are mutually exclusive? I'm a little worried about writing my 2-3 page essay on the subject, since it seems dangerous to look for meaning in this text; there are obviously many meanings, or no meanings, and I think that's exactly how Stein wanted it. However, I think I've figured out something to say about it--in terms of economics, oddly enough. We'll see if that works out...

Yesterday I ran The Color Run 5K with a few of my fellow MFA-ers.

Before (photo courtesy of Dan):

After (photo courtesy of Jess): 

And because we weren't colorful enough (photo courtesy of Jess): 

The race went well for me. I wasn't able to actually time myself, but I know when we started running, and based on when my friends saw me cross the finish line, I ran it in roughly 30 minutes, which is precisely what I was attempting to do. It wasn't my first time participating in a 5K, but it was my first time running one the whole way. Now there's just the question of whether or not I want to continue running. To be honest, I find little pleasure in it. Although I probably am improving, I never seem to notice--it always feels difficult--and my mind never relaxes when I'm running. Some people can space out or plan their days or think about other things in general, and my mind is all "DON'T SHRUG YOUR SHOULDERS DON'T SQUEEZE YOUR FISTS JUST KEEP GOING DON'T WORRY THIS WILL ALL BE OVER SOON." Doesn't sound like the type of thing I'd want to continue doing. On the other hand, it seems like a total waste to train for a 5K just to run a single race and never go running again. Maybe I'll run twice a week or something, just to keep up my ability to run a 5K so I can do other races when my friends want to. Of course, now there are rumors of a 10K in the not-too-distant future, and I'm not sure whether I have the time or the desire to train for it. I suppose it wouldn't hurt to download the 5K-to-10K app and see what it involves.

Speaking of exercise, I should go do that now. I've been sitting in bed reading Tender Buttons all day, and on Tuesday I'll be heading to Seattle for the AWP Conference, so I certainly won't be getting any exercise then. I think I'll dance. Why don't they have charity dance marathons? That would be way more fun than a race. They probably do. I'll have to Google it. I love the internet. And on that note, farewell.

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