Saturday, February 15, 2014

Climb EVERY mountain...

...even if it reminds you how horribly out of shape you are. (What's worse: this is quite possibly the most in-shape I've ever been!)

Today Austin and I decided to go hiking after our belated theory class. The road to Red Rock was closed--apparently there was a shooting? So we drove around, and around, and around, and finally we found a small access road to Sunset Mountain (I think?). This road wasn't exactly made for hiking; it was very steep, with few switchbacks. Nevertheless, we decided to hike it anyway.

Let me make something clear: I have been hiking something like three times in my life, and only one of those times was actually up a mountain. I may have underestimated the difficulty. Halfway up the first incline my heart was pounding more than it does during my worst panic attacks, and by the time we reached the saddle of the mountain I was mildly concerned I might puke. But reach the saddle we did! Austin provided encouragement without being irritating--a hard skill to master. And it really was gorgeous up there. We arrived at the top right at sunset. The mountains were all around us, and in the distance they were blanketed in purple mist. Stunning.

Then, of course, we had to get down. Steep. Loose rocks. Rapidly-fading light. Somehow I did not fall and break my neck, despite my clumsiness. I was grateful to reach the car, but also grateful that I'd made myself climb all the way up. The moral of the story: Walking long distances is fun. Walking up is not the same as walking long distances. It was still fun, but in a strenuous, challenging way.

Afterwards we grabbed a much-needed beer.

I've spent the rest of my evening drinking wine, eating a cake pop (thanks Mom & Dad), and watching season 2 of House of Cards (AMAZING GO WATCH IT NOW RIGHT NOW I'M SERIOUS). I'm pretending like the wine and cake pop are totally fine because I climbed a mountain. Also because it's Valentine's Day, which means it's a holiday, which means there are no calories.

Oh. I guess it's not Valentine's Day anymore. Shit.

What else? I would tell you about what it was like having my poem workshopped, but there's not much to tell. Don gave me a few recommendations, but then he went off on this weird tangent about Brideshead Revisited that involved several impressions. I look forward to reading my classmates' feedback. Maybe if I can make the poem good enough I'll submit it somewhere. Wouldn't it be funny if I published a poem?

I suppose I should write a poem here because I still owe you two more. Here we are:

Out of Shape

heart screams:
I'll huff
I'll puff
I'll blow
your guts out

muscles shake
sour mouth

who's afraid
the big bad

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