Thursday, February 6, 2014


Chicago is coming.

By which I mean to say that Las Vegas should GET EXCITED because MEGHAN and FELIPE and ALEX are all coming to visit today! (Not to mention the fact that miss LETA is coming on Sunday!)

However, all their flights are delayed thanks to Polar Vortex 2.0--or something, I don't know. Somewhere the weather is bad. So I think that gives me time to blog and to write this week's three-page essay for poetry forms before they get here.

Today in my class we talked about real life horror--rape on college campuses. I knew it was risky and that it might be controversial, but I also believe that college students are adults and that they need to be pushed to carefully consider difficult issues, especially ones that are so relevant to their lives. (I gave multiple trigger warnings, of course--in the syllabus, online, in person, repeatedly--so that they could opt out of the assignment/class discussion if they needed to without anyone having to know.)  I had them read these three articles beforehand (also with trigger warnings attached, obviously), and their synthesis essay assignment will be based on them. I am pleased to report that all my students behaved like adults and that the discussions were far more respectful than I feared they might be. I'm glad we talked about it, because so many of them clearly had not considered the issue before. Many had never heard the term "rape culture," many had never heard the term "consent" in terms of sexual activity. In both classes a student asked whether or not having sex with a drunk girl was considered rape--they were legitimately wondering. I don't know that I'll have changed any minds or behaviors, but if I have at least managed to make them aware of the issue, I'll be one happy teacher (and all-around human being).

On a less serious note, poetry. Not to say that poetry can't be serious, it's just that this one is not.


light reflects
off white

off my white
walls bright
light at

my sight stay
right, my
night stay

the light

p.s. ahhhh the words "light," "bright," "right," and "night" look so weird now. Those gh's seem completely out of place. I literally just googled "light" to make sure I wasn't going crazy.

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