Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tweet Tweet

Yesterday was quite wonderful. It involved reading and running and grilling and Sherlock. Seriously, I can't think of how one could do much better than that. (I am loving the modern Mary Morstan character, by the way! She is fab.) It has been so refreshing to get outside of my apartment.

Today I have been oh-so-lazy. The vast majority of my day has literally consisted of dozing and watching old episodes of Project Runway. Also, looking at ModCloth, because my mom gave me a gift certificate for Christmas.

The time has come, however, to give up all things lazy. Must work out, must write next section of novel. Later, must get sushi and drink whiskey for Austin's birthday. Must complete this blog entry.

And in order to do so, I must post the poem-of-the-day, as usual. I decided to write a twitter poem, and actually tweet it, so the screen shots are below. Each stanza/tweet is exactly 140 characters. Enjoy!


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