Thursday, January 9, 2014

pure energy I store

Last night I was reading some poems by Denise Levertov in the anthology that Gena loaned me, and I liked most of them immensely. Her turns of phrase are beautiful. I especially liked "The Ache of Marriage," "The Wings," "Stepping Westward," and "Where is the Angel?" Lovely.

The Northern Lights are supposed to be visible much farther south than normal, but according to the maps, it doesn't look like they'll get all the way down to Vegas. This is a shame. I'd be up for driving out into the desert to have a look. I've only seen the Northern Lights once. It was right after 9/11--I was walking Leta down the street back to her house, and we saw the sky all dusted in pink and green, and we thought it was bio-terrorism. 

Writing was awful last night. My brain simply did not want to cooperate. It was okay earlier in the evening, but as time went on, everything became a distraction. Finally at about midnight I pulled it together and wrote for a little while. Then I couldn't stop writing, even though I wanted to sleep.

Earlier in the day I wrote a villanelle for my next poem. But then at about 1:30 a.m. I had a much better idea for a poem, so I wrote another. Well, I don't know if it's really a much better idea, but it's more honest. My villanelle is all form, no content. I'll link to the villanelle in a Google Doc here, if you still want to read it, but I like my early a.m. poem much more:


That song is on
the radio again,
the oldies station--
"cry-ee-y-ee-n for you."
What's it called?
Everyone was crying
for each other
back then. And you,
                  the universe
remind me to download that app
one more time.

I'm having conversations
with no one again.
Not no one--
future people, from
tomorrow's parties.
I plan out what
to say
to them. And you,
                  the universe
remind me that now is now
one more time.

That urge is in
my head again,
It's 2 a.m.
I grab my
pen. And you,
                  the universe
remind me to be grateful
one more time.

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