Sunday, January 12, 2014


Feeling a little meh today. Not physically--emotionally. It really is the strangest thing. I never used to be so mood-swingy in Chicago. Emotions are stupid. (Can I truly have just made the most blatantly reductive statement of 2014 so early on in the year?) Maybe exercise will help. I'm going to go running soon.

I am pleased to report that I was indeed productive after yesterday's blog post. I danced for an hour, and I wrote another section of my novel. It wasn't the lengthy, difficult-to-write part that I have been dreading, but it's good that I wrote this part because I've been feeling that Chapter 6 might not be long enough. Now it will be.

I just read this amazing article in The Believer about the Tonya Harding/Nancy Kerrigan skating scandal that happened when I was a little kid. I obviously don't actually remember much of it, but I'm an avid watcher of the Olympics, so I've heard the story told over and over. But this article is interesting because it points out that there is no actual evidence Tonya Harding ever planned the attack on Kerrigan. The only thing she was convicted of was not coming forward with evidence against her horribly abusive husband sooner, which she claims she didn't do because her husband was, you know, horribly abusive and threatened her with a gun and such. Anyway, the whole story is like an awful, fascinating train wreck. You should read it.

Guess what I'm doing later today? Picking someone up from the airport! Who could have guessed? It will be nice to have Michael back, though. Last I heard he was chopping wood somewhere in California?

Anyway, I also wrote a poem yesterday, of course. It's about a dress with the universe on it. It was inspired by the fact that I bought a dress with the universe on it. (Thanks for the ModCloth gift certificate, Mom & Dad!) Just part of my lifelong aspiration to be half as cool as Ms. Frizzle. Hope you enjoy it:

Universe Dress

I bought a dress
with the universe on it.
What could be more fashionable
than infinity?
It takes a special kind of person
to wear the cosmos
so gracefully,
but I've never had any trouble
with black holes
or supernovas
or asteroids.
My light is constant--
low but strong.
When I wear the dress,
they all want
to explore me.
But I'm light years ahead
of the human race.
My dress and I are waiting
for you
to build a better spaceship.

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