Wednesday, January 15, 2014

Frozen Yogurt

That's what I ate today. Know why? Because it's warm enough for frozen yogurt. Las Vegas can be a beautiful place sometimes.

Jamison and Shaun are finally back from break, so last night I joined them and Austin at the Frog. It was just like old times. Old times being not-even-a-month ago. In all honesty, though, it's nice to have the whole little gang reunited.

Except that the gang is not truly reunited, for we are missing one important person: Olivia! Fortunately, she is arriving today. I'm picking her up at the airport (obviously--I don't even know why I'm bothering to write that), but she has sadly been experiencing some travel delays, so I'll have to wait a few more hours for a hug.

Guess who I'm picking up at the airport tomorrow? The lovely Gena! Visiting all the way from snowy Chicago. We are going to do so many awesome things, but I'll wait to write about them because they haven't actually happened yet. Or have they? Does tomorrow already exist? Is it all predetermined? I'll leave you to these philosophical questions and move on.

I spent all morning working on my 102 syllabus. It was time-consuming and boring. Be prepared, kids: my syllabi are never going to change for the next few years, just so that I don't have to make them up again. That's probably a lie. I don't know.

For today's poem, I took words from book titles again and arranged them artfully. Or whatever. These books are the ones that have been arriving on my doorstep incessantly for the past few weeks; the three classes I'm taking this semester require a great deal of reading. Also, today I received Donna Tartt's newest novel, The Goldfinch, in the mail, because Ben is a crazy person and also a crazy nice person and got me a present. (He knows all too well that I'm mildly obsessed with her novel The Secret History.) Thanks, Ben! So I included that book as well.

The poem is below. I have more work to do, but first I think I'm going to dance around a lot because I am so incredibly tired of sitting. Enjoy:

Found Philosophy

The lost murmur mythologies--
collected cane
goldfinch imaginations
lives' close.
a theory of order

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