Thursday, January 16, 2014


Gena is coming today for our two-year friendiversary! So. Excited.

Sometimes I wonder if you're all getting sick of reading this, since I've been posting every single day in January because of the poems, rather than once or twice a week. I actually kind of like posting every day, since I can dwell more on small, thoughtful things rather than run through a list of all the week's events--I'm a busy woman! But what do you think, dear readers?

In case you are bored--"Becky, please stop blogging about sitting in your room"--let me tell you the saga of getting Olivia home from the airport last night. It was quite an adventure. Her flight got delayed over and over, so she got into Vegas after 10 p.m., when she was supposed to get in at 4 p.m. I picked her up, but I had to park and go inside to get her because she had so much luggage. After heroically squeezing both bags into my tiny car, we drove out to her neighborhood, which is relatively far from my place, and what do we discover? Her gated community has removed its keypad--and she doesn't have a clicker to open the gate. Because it's in her car. In her garage. Why did they do this? Perhaps we'll never know.

As much as white privilege is a real and horrible thing that should never go unexamined, occasionally it comes in handy. Like when you're two young white girls trying to convince a stranger to let you into a gated community by driving in the out-gate. At any rate, we got Olivia to her house and all was well. I can't wait to actually hang out with her more tonight. I have been Olivia-deprived for far too long.

Yesterday was chill and restful and (perhaps too) sedentary, and I think that is reflected in the poem I wrote for today. Whatever you think of the content (and I don't know what I think about it), it's fun to read aloud. At least in my opinion.

Those Days

Oh, those days
when your legs feel like rocks
and your brain feels like a grill
with nothing to cook.
Try reading a book
you say to yourself.
Not say--think
Why would you speak?
Everyone's here
Everyone's not here

Sound-images, unique
to each person.
Is my bed the same as yours?
My tea? My cat?
Black or green? Gray or black?
No need to explain
on those days,
when your eyes are
Internet dry
and your back's in pain
from sitting too long in your bed--
which might not be the same
as mine.

Waiting for time
to pass

Oh, those days
when a good stretch
is as good as
traveling in Europe,
constantly on the move
climbing stairs
counting the stairs
staring down at
the oldest ground
you ever saw.
Oh, those days
when your toes
are like Europe.
You stare at your toes.
Oh, those days
when your toes are
a destination.

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