Sunday, January 26, 2014

Food, Glorious Food!

I cannot say that I have gone hungry as of late. To the contrary, I've had plenty to eat, especially yesterday. When I went to the Frog with Michael and Jamison to work on The Salted Lash, they had brought in a chef who'd made fancy Scottish food in honor of the poet Robert Burns' birthday--lamb risotto, spicy sausage, haggis, homemade cheesecake, all with a scotch pairing for under $20. Needless to say, I opted for second dinner.

Today I met my "Uncle" Phil for lunch; he's been a friend of the family since before I was born, my mother's business partner for 30-ish years. We went to Paymon's by campus because he wanted to see what UNLV and off-strip Las Vegas was like. We ate and talked and walked around, and later he went back to join his friends. It was lovely and relaxing. Always nice to see a familiar, friendly face.

It was also a convenient way to procrastinate writing my paper on William Carlos Williams' theory of the imagination, which I just completed. It was only 2-3 pages--not bad at all. Nevertheless, I hope she doesn't give us a writing assignment like this every week. I imagine they will become quite tedious quite quickly.

I'm alliterative today!

Evening plans: watch an episode of The Tudors (Lulu got me hooked--I'm a sucker for a good period drama), read for theory, watch another episode of The Tudors. Drink wine throughout.


This one was inspired by the fact that everyone who visits me here is surprised to discover that off-strip Vegas is made entirely of strip malls (almost).


Gray skies over
s t r i p  m a l l s
are appropriate.

Bright skies over
s t r i p  m a l l s
are wrong.

Sunny days
make taupe make beige
less dire.

Dire is appropriate.
We should be tired,
sad, afraid.

This second one was inspired by old pictures I saw on Facebook today and also by The Tudors:

Past Palette

blurry teens gray twenties dusty thirties sepia forties x-ray fifties sunshine sixties hazy seventies sticky eighties dirty nineties new millennium bright and sexy that's how I like my history bright and sexy

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