Thursday, November 21, 2013

What is this water falling from the sky?

It's raining. Gross.

I guess I can't complain; the weather has been gorgeous for the vast majority of my time here, and I'm sure this won't last too long. Even the desert has to be watered sometimes.

Let's see. Updates. Tuesday the poet Derek Henderson came to do a craft talk and a reading. Both were lovely, although he never explained what I desperately need to understand for next semester: how does one write a poem? We all went out after his reading, and there was lots of good music, and I stayed up too late. Shocker. Whether I'm out with friends or doing work in my room, I am consistently up too late.

When am I going to realize that I'm too old for 2 a.m.?

(The True Champion is NEVER too old for 2 a.m.!)

I am ultra-excited for tomorrow because I'm doing my first public reading ever at Neon Lit. I've mentioned the event before; it's the monthly reading our program organizes at an art gallery downtown. I picked out the stories I want to read yesterday, and I practiced a little last night. I'm nervous, but I'm sure I'll get through it fine. I usually do. I'll have to practice some more tonight, assuming I don't waste all my time BS-ing my teaching philosophy for pedagogy class. So much work for a class that means so little.

Other things I'm excited about:

Gena told me about a wonderful, completely historically inaccurate show about Mary, Queen of Scots called Reign. It's hilarious. So bad it's great. Sexy Nostradamus.

I'm listening to "Seven Swans Reimagined" for the first time in a while, and I forgot how wonderful it was. Nothing like DM Stith, Carl Hauck, and Bonnie 'Prince' Billy covering Sufjan Stevens.

And, most importantly, WELCOME TO NIGHT VALE IS DOING A LIVE SHOW IN VEGAS IN JANUARY. Yes, I know Cecil Baldwin is fictional (sort of). Does that mean I want him to be my best friend any less? No it does not.


  1. Rain is beautiful. You live in aridity now. Rain is an unexpected gift from the clouds who love you :D

    Also, you should drive into the desert after it rains - it's so beautiful and lush.


    1. This rain is not beautiful. This rain is cold and gloomy and awful.


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