Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Productivity (or lack thereof)

Remember how I said I was going to finish the first draft of my story for gothic fiction class? Totally did. Quite pleased with myself. The middle is basically awful, but that's why one revises.

As you may have guessed, the rest of my Veterans Day weekend was largely full of writing. That's what I did Saturday, until that evening when I met Shaun and some of his friends who had driven in from L.A. at the Freakin' Frog. I was reluctant to go at first because I was getting so much writing done, but ultimately I'm glad I did. When I write, I get into this zone where I forget about everything else, including moving the vast majority of my muscles. I usually end up quite sore afterwards, and I'd been writing all day, so a few beers definitely helped. Besides, Shaun's friends were lovely, and I got to hear about all their adventures at the Grand Canyon.

Sunday I read some stories for Witness in the morning, but then I decided to give myself a break. Aurora, Colby and I headed to Boulder City for a few hours. It's this quaint little town right near the Hoover Dam. (We didn't go to the dam, though--I want to save that for another day.) We went to their little microbrewery for lunch, and we ended up at this funny art fair in the parks & recreation gym, where several cute old people were selling their wares. Then we drove down to Lake Mead, where I saw the creepiest fish ever. Aren't they awful, swarming all over each other with their gaping pinkish mouths, desperate for food? Not at all right.

Monday was another writing day, and also a grading day, but grading is horrible and I don't want to talk about it.

Last night was better than Monday. Last night there was a free scotch tasting at the Frog, and it was expensive, tasty scotch to boot. Lulu had never had scotch before, so I insisted she attend. Shaun, Austin, Josh, and Olivia were all there as well. I spent the evening being entirely unproductive, and I do not regret it in the slightest. I should be unproductive more often.

Haha just kidding that is so far from my nature I don't even know how I'd handle myself what is laziness I don't understand help I'm so nervous just thinking about it.

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