Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Procrastination & Promotions

I had a wonderful reason to procrastinate this weekend, as the lovely miss Leta came to visit me! She's winning the best friend contest at the moment.

A recap of our adventures:

Upon her Saturday evening arrival, we went to Crown & Anchor for dinner, since I knew Leta's affinity for British pubs after her days in London. From there we headed to Casa de Jean-Brittany-Austin-Shaun for this year's first meeting of the Good Hair Fiction Club. It's an informal reading/workshop in which the fiction students get together and talk about what they've been writing. Jean was kind enough to allow Leta to join us--she even brought her own piece to read. I'm sure everyone was awed by Leta's mad writing skills. I know I was.

Afterwards we went back to my place, watched Star Trek Into Darkness with Lulu, and ate the delicious chocolate cookies that Lulu had baked earlier that day. We then went to bed and talked until 4 a.m. This became a pattern.

The next day I had to work in the writing center, but after that I proposed a trip to Sunset Park. We meandered, looked at the ducks and geese, talked some more, etc. We ate dinner at The Dispensary (delicious-burgers-divey-goodness), and then we went to the Freakin' Frog, where we were joined by the Shauns, Austin, Olivia, and Lulu. Leta wanted to see what my normal life was like out here, so I figured she needed the full practically-on-campus bar treatment. It was a little weird; I've never seen the Frog so dead. We still had a good time, though. Drank some beer, played Exquisite Corpse. Afterwards, Leta introduced me to the Welcome to Night Vale podcast, which is basically my new favorite thing. I'm a sucker for creepy. Then we talked until 3 a.m.

Monday I had conferences with my students (ugh), and later Leta accompanied me to fiction workshop. After critiquing Haider and Dan's stories, we all headed (as usual) to Stake Out, where we drank more beer and ate free Monday-Night-Football-halftime hot dogs. Yum. Later we listened to more Welcome to Night Vale, and we talked until 2 a.m. Never doubt the ability of two best friends to talk.

Yesterday we went to Mint Indian Bistro for lunch because it is freakishly delicious. We wandered around campus for a while, and then we went to American Gothic class, where Leta basically owned everyone else with her insightful comments. Get that girl into grad school!

After that we headed to the airport. I considered stitching our arms together, or perhaps biting my arm and hers and letting the wounds heal together, so that we could be conjoined twins and she could stay forever; although Leta considered these ideas appealing (because we are both equally as bizarre), she was forced to reject my proposals in favor of returning to Denver. I was sad to see her go. It was nice to have someone here for a while who actually knows me. I love my new friends here, and they sort of know me, but they don't know know me. Hopefully they will someday.

Speaking of the difference between knowing and knowing knowing, you should read my friend Jane's blog post, which is about just that--reduplication.

As far as the promotion goes, I am no longer the intern of The Salted Lash. No, fair readers--I am now the assistant editor of said publication. I've always wanted to work on a publication of some kind, so the fact that I'm working for two--the zine and Witness--is exciting. I can't wait for the launch party on Friday, and to start taking submissions for the second issue.


  1. Dude, I miss you already. Should have gone with the conjoined twin thing. I could call in conjoined. "Sorry, boss - I can't come into work today. Got this twin attached to me that needs to stay in Vegas."

  2. I love you both but can't imagine dealing with the conjoined version. And...sleep???? I think you forgot about that. Love!!
    Mom#1 and #2

  3. Replies
    1. It is the best! Why can't Cecil Baldwin be my best friend?


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