Friday, October 4, 2013

Look Out (Here Comes Tomorrow)

Yeah, that's right. I used a song by The Monkees as the title of my post. Deal with it.

I borrowed the aforementioned song title because LETA IS COMING TO VISIT ME TOMORROW AND I'M SO EXCITED WHAT EVEN WHAT EVEN WHAT

You'll hear more about besties in Vegas after that actually happens. In the meantime, let me fill you in on what's happened over the past week.

The Writing Center has been insane lately, probably because midterms are coming up soon. Honestly, I thought I'd like working in the Writing Center far more than I actually do. For some reason I assumed that I'd prefer working with students one-on-one, when in reality I far prefer teaching my class. I don't like planning for the class or grading for the class, but the part where I actually teach them is great. We have so many ESL students come into the Writing Center that I always seem to be giving the same advice: watch your plurals, watch your articles. I'm happy to try to help them, but I feel like the aid I can give them isn't particularly effective.

I've been quite productive this week. I finished grading my students' first major essays, turned in my midterm exam materials and final writing project materials to my pedagogy professor, read for Gothic Fiction class, read for Witness, cleaned my room, cleaned my bathroom, and repaired the towel rack with my handy toolkit--all this while still managing to meet up with friends several times. Not that exciting, perhaps, but definitely further proof that I am The True Champion.

On Thursday night Tom Barbash, a journalist and fiction writer, came to speak at the Marjorie Barrick Museum on campus. I greatly enjoyed his talk; based on the story he read, I think his new short story collection is worth reading. The best part was that afterwards he and a few students and professors--myself included--went to a nearby restaurant for drinks and snacks, where he continued to impart his writing wisdom. It was amazing to get that up close and personal with a successful author.

This evening I finally went to First Friday in the Arts District. It was such a cool event--busy bars and chic art galleries and people in costumes and bands and food trucks. A spectacle, to say the least. Parking was a bitch. (I miss public transit!) A few of my fellow MFA-ers read their poetry there, along with some other local Vegas poets. I had a really good time.

I was supposed to go to Jess' birthday party tonight, but I am so sleepy. Friendship failure.

Remember how I mentioned that I'm the new "intern" for my friend Michael's zine The Salted Lash? Because I am such a dedicated intern, I created an official Facebook page for the zine today. You should go like it so that you can hear about rad stuff like the Las Vegas launch party we're having next Friday at Atomic Liquors.

That's all for now, I'm afraid. A little writing before bed, and then one more sleep until Letakins' arrival. (!!!) 

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  1. You are definitely The True Champion!! (Ok I AM your Mom.)


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