Sunday, September 22, 2013

Today is for Work...

...but I just finished up planning tomorrow's class, and I still have half an hour in the Writing Center, so I think I'll blog instead. Blogging is work. Kinda. Right?

The other day in Pedagogy class I discovered that I'm a mean grader. We were doing a "norming session"--Dr. Tillery gave us copies of the same essay to grade and we had to come to a class-wide consensus of what the grade should be. Naturally, there was no consensus at all. But I was definitely on the crueler side of things, giving out D's where other people were giving out B-minuses. Fortunately I was vindicated; my harsh grades were more in line with what Dr. Tillery was expecting. Still, I definitely surprised myself. Everyone thinks I'm so nice. Apparently not.

On Thursday night, Shaun's friend Dylan visited from Ireland-by-way-of-California-by-way-of-Canada. This, of course, called for an evening of bar-hopping downtown near Fremont. And for once I didn't have to drive! Exciting stuff. I think my favorite bar we visited was Atomic Liquors. It was kitschy-fabulous and I tried a delicious local beer.

I was the only lady out that night, which seems to be something of a pattern for me in Vegas. Back in Chicago my friends were predominately female or gay men, but here my closest friends are mostly all straight men (except for Olivia and Lulu, of course). Not that there's anything wrong with this. It's just a different dynamic. I think Olivia's planning a Girls' Night for the ladies in the program sometime in October. That should be fun.

Anyway, back to my awesome life of which you should be totally jealous. Last night Shaun and I went to the Oddball Comedy Festival at Mandalay Bay, where we saw Kristen Schaal, Al Madrigal, and FLIGHT OF THE CONCHORDS. Oh, and Dave Chappelle. Him, too. Happily, he did not have a meltdown of any kind. In fact, he seemed quite normal. The first 15 minutes of his set was just making fun of himself regarding the incident in Connecticut a few weeks ago. Flight of the Conchords were amazing, obviously. They played lots of new songs, but they still got through many of their beloved hits--"Jenny," "The Most Beautiful Girl in the Room," "Business Time." Not to mention a "Hurt Feelings"/"Hiphopopotamus vs. Rhymenoceros" mashup. The crowd was sort of funny. You could definitely tell who was there for Flight of the Conchords and who was there for Dave Chappelle. Overall it was a lovely evening filled with much laughter.

Things I must still do today:
  • Print stories and read for Fiction Workshop
  • Read at least a large portion of Melville's Bartleby, the Scrivener
  • Start grading student essays
  • Read for Witness
Oh! I forgot to mention that I'm going to be a reader for Witness, the Black Mountain Institute's literary journal. Why? Because I'm obviously not busy enough! Can't you tell? Basically I get to give an initial thumbs up or thumbs down for the submissions they receive. Not only will it be fun to read so many stories, but it will also look good on my resume. Hopefully it will help me get a publishing internship over the summer. That's the dream...

That's all for now. Another busy week ahead.


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