Thursday, August 22, 2013

This is My Leftover Pizza, Which Shall Be Given Up for You

It appears that free food is something that goes along with being a university professor. I just had a bunch of leftover pizza forced on me by the English department staff when I went to turn in my syllabus copy request. I'm okay with this.

Today we had Writing Center training. I have to say, the director and assistant director seem far more pleasant than their "write 13 one-page MLA-style response essays" pre-orientation assignment would suggest. I think I'm going to enjoy working there. UNLV has an extremely diverse student population, so for a large percentage of students that come to the Writing Center, English is their second language. I'm excited for the opportunity to meet with foreign students. I've never done it, so I obviously can't know for sure, but I imagine that I'm really going to like working on their English one-on-one with them. I suspect I'll be better at that than standing in front of a classroom and teaching a large group. I guess I'll find out next week.

I can't believe tomorrow is already the last day of orientation. I have to teach on Monday. Monday. For many of my students, it will be their first college course ever. I will be their first college professor ever. Such a large responsibility. I'm going to try not to think about it so that I'll still be able to sleep at night.

Luisa's going to be gone this weekend visiting her family, so I'll have the apartment to myself. I hope my fellow MFA-ers make plans; I hate being alone in a place for too long.

There were rumors of bingo this evening, but I'm awfully tired. Who knows where the night will lead me?

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