Sunday, August 18, 2013

Stormy Sunday

The Las Vegas skies have been heavy with thunderstorms all afternoon. Rain in Las Vegas had not occurred to me. Luisa says it doesn't happen all that often, but that July and August tend to be "monsoon season," with quick storms and occasional flash floods, so I'll have to watch out for that when I'm driving.

This morning I gathered with even more of my fellow MFA program members for an endless champagne brunch. Alas, I was not able to take advantage of the endless champagne because I drove there. Living in a city without adequate public transportation is strange. Brunch was great, though. I had fun talking with everybody. The buffet was epic--not just breakfast food, my friends. So, so much more. Chinese food. Salad bar. Cake. 

I may have been briefly married to Shaun Leonard (who says he does not mind if I mention his full name on this blog--hi Shaun!) under "Irish law," but never fear--the whirlwind nuptials were quickly annulled when I said I didn't believe in zoos. Zeus? Long story. 

The thunderstorms began as soon as I got home. Luisa and I have decided to combat the rainy day blues with a Star Wars marathon. I start orientation tomorrow. Kinda excited, kinda nervous, kinda bummed by the prospect of getting up so early, but I'm sure I'll get over that. Ultimately I'm thrilled to get started.

In sadder news, last night I learned that the father of one of my good friends back home unexpectedly passed away. I didn't know him all that well--her family lives in Minnesota--but the few times I was fortunate enough to meet him were wonderful. I wish I could be there for her. 

Have to go now. Phone's running out of battery and Luke's about to learn who his father is. I'll write again soon.


  1. You will quickly learn to cherish rainstorms. In the Midwest, they're gloom-inducing chilly squalls that suck out your soul. In the arid West, they're life-giving showers that invigorate the desert and lift your spirits.

    Also, I want to hear the long story version of your fake Irish nuptials.

    1. You shall hear the long version, although it was more of one of those "you had to be there" things. We must g+ chat soon!

  2. Your '50s sham husband is not pleased to hear about this new Irish beau of yours.

    1. Haha, don't worry, Felipe. Nobody could ever replace you in my 50's heart.


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